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Our instructors are specialists and know the ins and outs of each topic. Carefully developed, our WAGO training curriculum ensures that every minute spent is an effective investment in your expertise.



Classes at our Germantown, WI location offer customers the chance to gain in-person, hands-on training. Attendees have the option between enriching their understanding of PLC programming via e!COCKPIT or WAGO-I/O-PRO trainings. Software classes utilize WAGO PLCs and the 750 I/O system to configure, program, and troubleshoot these components using multiple fieldbus protocols.

Not interested in programming? WAGO also offers a Full Line Catalog training which provides attendees with in-depth knowledge of all product groups including rail and PCB mount terminal block systems, interface products, and automation technology.

These three-day trainings include meals and materials throughout the course.



One of the major changes for companies today is the need to train their staff on the latest technology changes and updates to the systems the engineers design and service. WAGO’s on-site training brings the classroom to a location near you. WAGO provides professional instruction with training presentations, lecture, as well as WAGO’s controllers and couplers for a one-of-a-kind hands-on training experience covering programming software, applications & hardware.

WAGO training programs offer standard or customizable curriculum, with 1 to 3 day options.


During this unprecedented time, we are currently unable to provide the quality face-to-face learning opportunities you have come to expect from our expert training team. To help fill this void, we are offering a series of free webinars that may be accessed entirely remotely. Lead by experienced WAGO professionals, each webinar will focus upon specific topics of interest for our customers.

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