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Our comprehensive range of products allows us to provide you with efficient solutions for every project. Here you will find our latest products, which will help you stay one step ahead.



WAGO’s 221 Series Inline Splicing Connector connects all conductor types – at once! This connector condenses all the industry-leading 221 Series Splicing Connector advantages into a slim design. Users get the flexibility of having five fixed-position poles in one adapter.



WAGO’s compact MCS MINI Connectors come with 3.5mm and 3.81mm pin spacing for conductors ranging from 28-14 AWG. These connectors are ideal for signaling applications.


WAGO’s 2601 Series is our newest, compact solution for PCB Connectors at 3.5mm. With our lever technology all wires 26-16 AWG can be inserted horizontal or vertical to the board. The best part? No tools needed!


The Mini Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks compact design is ideal for working in tight spaces and are suitable for vibration-proof connections. The various mounting and actuation variants are available for maximum flexibility for the user to choose based on the use and convenience.



Rail-mount terminal blocks with levers make connecting conductors without tools possible. With the lever, opening and closing a clamping point by hand couldn’t be any easier. When making connections in the field, the user will benefit from the ease of handling offered by this intuitive design.

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The TOPJOB®S Rail-Mount Terminal Block line now includes push-button variants in two-, three-, and four-conductors! The clamping point is opened by actuating the push-button with any common tool. The orange push-button allows the actuator to be clearly and quickly distinguished from the conductor entry.




Control cabinets are undergoing a transformation because the requirements on them – both quantitative and qualitative – are becoming stricter and stricter. Greater networking, rising energy costs and increasing customization require economy, speed and flexibility in a minimal footprint for control cabinets.


The new modules are just 6 mm (0.236 inch) wide, making them the slimmest ECBs currently available. They are approximately 66 % smaller than miniature circuit breakers, saving even more space, particularly when used in control cabinets. These ECBs enable high-capacity loads greater than 50,000 microfarads to be switched on – helping you reduce false tripping due to inrush currents.


New ECO 2 power supplies provide an economical solution for standard applications. At just 25 mm and 38 mm wide, these slim-style power supplies maximize space in your control cabinet. Push-in technology with integrated levers allow for tool-free installation. These new devices are also extremely reliable and reduce energy costs with a high efficiency rating of up 90%. Convenient marking options, LED indications, DC O.K. contacts, and adjustable output voltage make this power supply an excellent choice for standard applications.



The PFC200 Controller is a compact PLC for the modular WAGO-I/O-System. Along with network and fieldbus interfaces, this controller supports all digital and analog input/output modules, as well as specialty modules found within our 750/753 Series. This controller comes equipped with two ETHERNET interfaces and an integrated switch to enable line topology wiring. The integrated cellular modem provides a wireless connection to the Internet and includes a radio licensed for North American countries.


Taking a PLC and connecting it with our 750 Series I/O couplers, provides the flexibility and high-performance needed for applications large and small. Carefully engineered for machine builders, plant floor tasks and other digitalization projects, our Compact Controller 100 is easy to use and maintenance free.


WAGO’s new 852-111/000-001 is an industrial unmanaged Ethernet switch with five 10/100 Mb/s ports. The ports allow multiple segments to be formed to reduce network congestion and each user node can be assigned its own bandwidth. The slim design and easy to use DIN rail adapter allows for easy installation within a very small footprint. Simple plug & play operation is facilitated by Auto Negotiation and Auto MDI-S to help save costs and time during commissioning.

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