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Important Information about the Installation:
Temporary security warnings may appear during the software installation. However, there are no security risks and the installation can be continued without any further concerns.
Background: In the new version of Smart Script 4.5, we had to use a new Microsoft security certificate because the old one had expired. This is why security warnings from the Windows Defender SmartScreen may appear. With the new Microsoft security certificates, information about the downloaded files is checked through an online service to determine the integrity of the downloaded program.
The positive reputation (integrity) from the expired security program could not be transferred to the new security certificate concept.” Thus, the integrity needs to be reestablished.

Position (FAQ) from Microsoft:
“What does it mean when Windows Defender SmartScreen marks a downloaded program as “not commonly downloaded”?
Windows Defender SmartScreen uses information from Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Windows users around the world as well as anti-virus results, download volumes, download history, URL reputation, and many other criteria to determine the likely risk of downloaded programs. For example, programs that are downloaded by many users over a long period of time without a history of malware are not likely to be malicious.
This warning indicates that caution should be taken before running the downloaded program, especially if the download is not digitally signed.

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