WAGO’s software solutions allow you to automate machines, systems and buildings more efficiently. From configuration to system operation, our software combines easy operation and consistency for impressive performance.

Your benefits with WAGO's software solutions:

  • Support for established industry standards and the integration of all relevant fieldbus systems
  • Comprehensive software solutions for various industries
  • Customized software for every automation task
  • Comprehensive import/export functions from standard design tools
  • Plug-ins for industry-specific development environments
  • Simple, secure licensing

Product Overview


Projects in production, process and building automation are characterized by shorter and shorter implementation times, ever more complex structures and the increasing role of software as part of the overall solution. In fact, software is becoming the essential factor in automation technology that ensures a project’s success.



Quickly implementing complex machine functions is critical in modern mechanical engineering applications. WAGO’s PC-based e!COCKPIT Engineering Software supports you throughout all development steps. Our engineering software shortens development time for automation projects with an impressive, modern, organized user interface. The smartDESIGNER Product Configurator is the ideal choice for design and marking.

Designing and marking software:
smartDESIGNERProduct Configurator
CAE Software

Configuration and programming software:
e!COCKPIT Engineering Software (based on CODESYS 3)
WAGO-I/O-PRO Engineering Software (based on CODESYS 2) and WAGO-I/O-CHECK



Reduce your development time: WAGO’s runtime software enables both operation and current status monitoring of machines. It also transmits operating data to higher-level systems. Our pre-made, tried-and-tested software function blocks expedite development. Unlike engineering software, runtime software operates continuously – it is a part of the machine and ensures correct operation.



Everything from a single source: In addition to the PFC100 and PFC200 IoT Controllers, WAGO is expanding its digital performance portfolio with new WAGO Cloud Data Control capability. This expansion allows WAGO to offer a solution that links elements from the real and digital worlds. Decentralized data acquisition and centralized data provision, from the field level up to the cloud, as well as cross-location access to current data, all play decisive roles.



Software on smart devices offers productivity advantages in an industrial environment as well. This integration enables users to quickly and easily operate and monitor automation processes via smartphone or tablet – from virtually anywhere.

Use WAGO’s WebVisu App to quickly and easily control and monitor your automation processes from your smartphone or tablet, stepping in only when intervention is necessary. Or use the JUMPFLEX®-ToGo App to easily configure both input and output parameters for WAGO’s 857 Series Signal Conditioners.



Significant challenges must be overcome in order to develop, operate and maintain modern machines and systems, and to program, configure and commission building automation applications. Customized software tools are available as needed for every task – embedded within integrated engineering processes or as stand-alone tools for a set of dedicated functions.


All WAGO Controllers are equipped with the high-performance CODESYS industry standard. This enables software development in IEC 61131-3 PLC programming languages (ST, FBD, LD, IL, SFC and CFC). As a trusted programming environment, CODESYS guides developers, enabling them to reuse and further develop existing projects without relearning software. This means that modern paradigms are available, such as Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) and modern visualization technologies.


Invest in the future: WAGO Software supports all prominent fieldbus systems. This allows WAGO components to be seamlessly integrated into engineering software via standardized device description files. In addition, connecting controllers to fieldbus systems via WAGO Engineering Software is incredibly simple, opening up all the advantages of existing field devices. Finally, WAGO Software is based on modern IT standards and development methods for long-term viability.


The software tools demonstrate an impressive ability to exchange project data with the external software tools involved in the development process – preventing costly, error-prone double entry.


Whether industry, process or building automation, every sector and industry has specific requirements. Therefore, plug-ins specifically customized for the needs of individual industries are available in addition to the common software base. For example, these plug-ins can be used to measure energy or easily configure a DALI network.

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