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Many aspects of the supply call for sustainable business activity.

These include setting uniform socially and environmentally sound corporate standards and passing them down the delivery chain, establishing measures for conformity to rules and regulations, fostering fair business relationships and maintaining high quality requirements.


  • Trustworthy partnerships
  • Preventing corruption and ensuring compliance with standard processes
  • Environmental and social standards


As an actively growing international company with a wide portfolio, the complexity of our supply chain continues to increase. A trustworthy relationship with our suppliers is essential for ensuring adherence to legal regulations as well as environmental and social standards. For many years, we have performed and evaluated supplier surveys on the subjects of “Environmental Management,” “Conformity with REACH/RoHS” and “Labor Protection Management.” In 2016, we expanded to also focus on social and ethical standards. We have also passed on the industry code ZVEI e. V. to our suppliers. We have done so to demonstrate the essential value of responsible company management throughout our supply chain and promote implementation of its principles.


We always seek to not only make a good professional impression with our customers and business partners, but a good personal one as well. Our company's Code of Conduct is the basis of this. We also foster integrity and honesty in our training and are working on appropriate compliance processes and basic training programs for our employees. Supporting this, we joined the Initiative “Compliance in Medium-Sized Companies Forum.” in 2016 We intend to proactively circumnavigate pitfalls, such as corruption, to positively shape corporate structure. This is based on a correspondingly strong commitment by our management, which requires and supports such measures.



WAGO capitalizes “Social Responsibility” – and not just within the company. It also plays an important role in our business relationships, which is why we hold the partners within our supply chain to the same standards.

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